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1511 Big Deer Drive, Crosby, Texas 77532
Date of birth: June 1, 1978.
S.S. number: XXX-XX-3860.
Colombian Female


Wage Garnishment Order

Judgment Debtor Milena Lucia Freile-Berdugo
Judgment Debtor:
Milena Lucia Freile-Berdugo
1511 Big Deer Drive Crosby, Texas 77532
1511 Big Deer Drive.
Crosby, Texas 77532


Orden de Embargo Salarial


Last updated on: June 21, 2024.

Date of birth: June 1, 1978. Social security number: XXX-XX-3860. Colombian Female

Pursuant to Family Court Judgment from Dissolution of Marriage filed on June 24, 2020, Milena Lucia Freile-Berdugo was ordered to pay $3,500.00 per month in family support. Milena was also ordered to pay an additional $250.00 per month to liquidate support arrears that had already accrued. A statutory interest rate of 10% per year as a civil penalty applies to all unpaid support installment payments. CCP §§ 685.010.

Milena Lucia Freile-Berdugo has, as of December 2023, $255,081.88 in unpaid accrued support.

A criminal contempt of court charge followed by an arrest warrant is highly applicable and may be forthcoming.


ATTENTION EMPLOYERS and 1099 Issuers of Milena Lucia Freile-Berdugo. BE ADVISED Milena Lucia Freile-Berdugo has an outstanding family court order, “Earnings Assignment Order,” legally obligating employers and 1099 issuers to withhold a portion of earnings. A copy of said Earnings Assignment Order (FL-435) is posted herein. Employers and 1099 issuers note your legal obligation. The pertinent financial penalty for non-compliance may be viewed on page two (FL-435) in the posted Earnings Assignment Order, aka Wage Garnishment Order.

EMPLOYERS NOTE: By defying this court order to withhold earnings as instructed, you are subject to substantial fines and penalties. Your obligation is defined on page 2 of the FL-435 Earnings Assignment Order exhibited in the link to the right.

By viewing this notice, you have assumed legal knowledge of an outstanding “Earnings Assignment Order” and are obligated to withhold earnings as stipulated in the posted Earnings Assignment Order. (FL-435). Family Code, §§ 299(d), 5208; Code of Civil Procedure, § 706.031; 15 U.S.C. §§ 1672-1673.

Disclaimer: I.P. address collection capture. If you have read this notice, your I.P. address has been captured and recorded for identification and compliance purposes.

INQUIRIES: Employers or 1099 issuers. You may contact our office via email at: for further assistance to comply with Milena Lucia Freile-Berdugo Family Court Ordered Earnings Assignment Order, aka; Wage Garnishment.

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